The Postal Service - Give Up

What to say? Pitchfork sier 8.0. Jeg sier ♥
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(ikke verdens beste kvalitet, men du overlever.)


Seabear - The Ghost That Carried Us Away

Three Imaginary Girls sier:
Seabear is under most people’s radars stateside so far but The Ghost That Carried Us Away should change that quickly. The album is remarkably unpretentious and invigorating in a genre that can tend to get bogged down with the weight of its own melancholy. Seabear seem to avoid this pitfall and instead just let the music flow effortlessly, combining gorgeous melodies with rich textures to create one of the lost gems of 2007. I suppose the best way to characterize the album and the band might be to think of them as your liberal arts boyfriend, sensitive and caring, the sort of 7-member band you want to cuddle with on the couch.

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